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  • Supply of Oracle Server for BRAS-pt project upgrade
  • Supply of materials for maintenance of optic networks
  • Supply of IP connection
  • Module for virtual shopping and integration of existing web page


  • Supply of measuring tools for electromagnetic radiation
  • Maintenance and update of invoice system

Limak International Airport

Prishtina International Airport "Adem Jashari"

  • Supply and installation of consoles and chairs for the tower of air traffic
  • Supply, installation, and integration of Motor drive uni Isomax S6N


  • Supply of hard disks for San Storage

Municipality of Prishtina

  • Creation of application for digitalization of systematic visits in schools


  • Development and maintenance of program for Central Pharmacy
  • Supply, installation, and maintenance of management systems for parking, access control, Time Attendance - payroll, and cameras
  • Upgrade of Time Attendance for system of staff attendance
  • Renovate parking at Pediatric Clinic and ramps
  • Supply of cards for entrance in outside parking

Rural Family Health Center

  • Maintenance for system of systemic visits and processing data


  • Supply and installation of software system for staff entering and leaving (Time Attendance)

Municipality of Malisheva

  • Supply of tools for software system for pupils' attendance in primary schools in Malisheva


  • Supporting services for Oracle Licenses according to the requests and needs of ATK
  • Maintenance of Oracle licenses

Ministry of Finance

  • Supporting services for "Oracle Software Update License & Support" for Treasury's needs
  • Supporting services for Oracle products for budget management


  • Supply of Banderola

Economic Bank

  • Supply of application for management of fixed assets


  • Supply of tools for implementing of platform for quality control of access in internet LOT 1
  • Supply of tools for implementing of platform for measuring service quality (QOS) of accessing the internet from ARKEP
  • Supply of tools for informative technology - Kornize

University of Prishtina

  • Supply of tools for telecommunication laboratory

Public Housing Enterprise

  • Supply of software for warehouse barcode - KIT Inventory

University of Gjakova

  • Supply, installation and functionalization of tracking tools and materials for attendance system


  • Supply, implementation, and support for online invoice software

Prishtina Bus Station

  • Supply of software for Human Resources

Otrila Hospital

  • Supply and installation of hospital management system - eHMS

Oftalmo Group

  • Supply and installation of hospital management system - eHMS


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