ISP (Internet Service Platform)

Kosova Information Technology sha implemented a full-fledged ISP (Internet Service Provider) solution, including hardware and software, for Kosovo Telecom JCS.

The ISP platform enables the access to Internet for the entire customer base of Vala, the mobile operator of Kosovo Telecom. Vala is the biggest mobile operator in Kosova.

Hardware and software procurement, mounting, installation, virtualization, configuration and testing were performed by a team of 5 dedicated full-time experts.

Project Details

Technical Information


  • Procurement, mounting, installation, virtualization, configuration, and testing of the hardware and software for ISP for Kosovo Telecom
  • 2 years of technical assistance
  • End-user training for 5 Kosovo Telecom employees


Kosovo Telecom JSC

Time Period

Sep 2016 – Apr 2017


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