KIT Rest

Management system for bars and restaurants.

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Fall in Love With Our Features

Sales Management in TOUCH POS / PC

Insert and edit orders for different (or the same) tables

Report Management

Generate reports based on cash flow, articles, sales, waiters, etc. 

Order Management

Manage orders, filter based on tables, and print invoices

Normative Management

See the number, art. menu, description, and norma of an item

Menu / Categories Management

Add, edit, or remove menu items along with custom options


Manage where tables are and group them using drag and drop

Suppliers' Management

Add, edit, or delete suppliers as well as manage payments


Add, edit, or delete clients’ information

Why KIT Rest?

KIT Rest connects to the KIT Finger Bar app which is the fastest and safest method for ordering from a distance. This technology is especially suitable for restaurants, pools, cafes, and bars, among others.

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